Verizon offers a new router designed for the smart home


In many homes, the wireless router is the weak link between the web and your actual internet experience. It may be too slow, coverage might be uneven and it doesn’t often have the features a consumer needs to control their devices and home network without becoming a network engineer.

FiOS Quantum Gateway

This means, for instance, that you can control your kids’ iPad so they can’t access the web after a certain time. Many of the third-party router providers are building in such features, as well as features to help handle more devices in the home without having to know your router’s IP address or even the MAC address of every device on the network. I’ve been a big proponent of better routers for a long time, so it’s good to see a major ISP getting on the bandwagon.

I’m actually hoping to see [company]Comcast[/company] do something along these lines as well, since it purchased PowerCloud Systems last summer and PowerCloud had some of the best network management software around in its Skydog software. It had enterprise class features dumbed down enough that a consumer would feel good playing with them. As for the Verizon Quantum Gateway, new customers who sign up for a FiOS Triple Play package will receive the router.



I just got the G1100, and I thought FIOS was fast before, but this is another level.

Dave Mackey

This is great, I hope the routers are actually better – I feel like its kind of a toss up…I don’t entirely trust Verizon to give us better routers. I wish we could still use our own routers instead, but that isn’t really possible…at least not w/out making the Verizon router a pass through.

Will Collins

If you don’t have video, you can use your own router. If you know what settings to change you can use your own router even if you do have video. Google/Youtube it.


Are you sure you can change the settings to use your own router if you have video?

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