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Cord Cutters: This is Android TV on the new Nexus Player

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The Nexus Player is the first commercially available device featuring Google’s new Android TV platform. What does Android TV on the Nexus Player look like, which apps are available and what else does it have to offer? Watch this video for a detailed look.

Show notes for this episode:

Will you buy a Nexus Player, or are you going to opt for Roku or Fire TV instead? Share your thoughts in the comments below or check out the Google+ Cord Cutters community.

3 Responses to “Cord Cutters: This is Android TV on the new Nexus Player”

  1. The smart thing to do is wait for other users to try and review the product and see how it is evolving before buying. FireTV has been out for awhile and few improvements have been added since release. IMO, this seems like an improved version of the FireTV. I have owned GoogleTV devices and liked them so if it has a large assortment of apps, you can side-load, have updated browser and have casting/mirroring, it should do well. At least it seems they have now Hulu Plus support which they never had before so that may be a good sign. We’ll see. I’ll keep an eye out on to which streaming devices I will purchase next but if it looks promising I will buy one.