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Not just HBO: Starz wants to launch a streaming service for cord cutters as well

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Next up to jump on the unbundling bandwagon may be Starz: The premium cable channel is planning to launch an online-only subscription service in international markets over the coming months, and Starz CEO Chris Albrecht suggested during the company’s earnings call Thursday that it will likely do the same in the U.S. “I don’t think it cannibalizes the existing business. It is a way to innovate and create real value,” he said, according to Variety. Albrecht’s remarks come after HBO, CBS and Univision all announced their own unbundling plans.

4 Responses to “Not just HBO: Starz wants to launch a streaming service for cord cutters as well”

  1. It seems like we are on the verge of a rush. If Netflix or Youtube or Amazon are smart they will have prepared VSAAS (video streaming as a service) offereings to manage and deliver products for companies like this.
    I would be much, much, much more inclined to try a new service if it operated as smoothly as those systems generally do. Especially if I could bill through them as well.
    Not having to set up and maintain their own infrastructure might allow some companies to have over-the-top offerings at much more reasonable rates. Because if every channel and its brother think they are going to get people to shell out $10/month then most are going to come to a sorry end.
    However if I could get – say TBS or TNT or whatnot delivered through Youtube or Netflix for an additional $2 or $3/month then maybe I’d be into that.