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EE rolls out 150Mbps “4G+” connectivity in central London

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As predicted a couple weeks back, the British mobile operator EE has begun rolling out LTE-Advanced “4G+” across central London. The technology aggregates spectrum in EE’s 1800MHz and 2.6GHz holdings to provide “real world” peak speeds of 150Mbps and average speeds of 90Mbps, EE promised in a statement. As the carrier noted, the use of EE’s 2.6GHz spectrum will take some of the load off its existing 1800MHz 4G network, theoretically speeding things up for 4G users who don’t have the latest devices – such as the Samsung Note 4 – that can take advantage of so-called 4G+. EE also said its 4G network now covers 300 cities and large towns.

2 Responses to “EE rolls out 150Mbps “4G+” connectivity in central London”

  1. That’s great news. Hopefully they’ll be rolling out 2G to my area soon.

    I live just ten miles from central London, in a nice, thriving town, yet can’t get a 2G signal, let alone 4G, 4G or 4G+, whatever that is. I have to rely on a “signal box” to act as a personal cell-tower, running over my home broadband, to make calls and use SMS.

    EE still charges me the full monthly fee, of course, even though they basically do nothing. There’s no way to complain and no way to exit the contract, even though they don’t provide me any service at all. If I stop paying, they take me to court and ruin my credit.