Report: Microsoft preps Windows for ARM-based servers


Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft is quietly working on a version of Windows Server operating system to run on ARM-based servers, according to a Bloomberg news report.

Windows Server now runs on Intel hardware although that was not always the case. Oldsters remember that there was once a version of Windows Server for PowerPC-based machines although it was discontinued in 1997. PowerPC was a RISC chip architecture backed by [company]IBM[/company], [company]Apple[/company] and [company]Motorola[/company] as a hedge against [company]Intel[/company] chip dominance.

In July, Microsoft and ARM Holdings signed a licensing deal that opened up possibilities for all sorts of collaboration.

Surface RT recent reports

Many of the big server names including Dell and HP are building energy-sipping ARM-based servers; Intel is pushing energy-efficient Atom server chips as a response.

An [company]ARM Holdings[/company] spokesman referred questions to Microsoft, which could not immediately be reached for comment.


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