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Pyne is an app that makes quizzing strangers bite-sized fun

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The interactive online quiz is having a moment of popularity right now, thanks to media outfits like Buzzfeed and PlaybuzzPyne, a new app which came out for Android earlier today, hopes that making and answering bite-sized quizzes is what you’ll do with your phone when you have a minute of free time.

Pyne describes itself as a polling app, and it’s true, the quizzes distributed in the app usually don’t have correct answers — it’s more of a way to take general feelings. But the addictive buzz you get from Pyne is the same feeling as you get from a Buzzfeed quiz. I polled people on whether they preferred Coke or Pepsi, iPhone or Android, or New York or San Francisco. (The users of Pyne prefer Coke, Android, and San Francisco.)

Making a question is easy, and mindlessly answering question after question is even easier. I was getting 10-20 responses to my questions within a few minutes. You can choose from yes or no questions or make your own multiple choice. There’s the ability to upload a photo in the background of your question, a lot like Whisper or Secret. In fact, a lot of questions resemble the kind of confessions you see on Whisper, with one major exception: Pyne needs to connect to a Facebook account, so your name and default avatar is at the top.

Screenshots of Pyne.
Screenshots of Pyne. 

Unfortunately, you can’t ask an open-ended question at the moment, although other users can post comments on your questions.

The other part of Pyne is the stats page. Once you answer a question or one of your polls gets enough answers, you’ll see them broken down into easy-to-read charts, which can be broken down by characteristics like gender. In fact, if you’ve got a gender-specific question — should I break up with my boyfriend? — you can even target your polling to one sex or the other. You can broadcast your question to just your Facebook friends, or send it out to the wider world.

“Instagram is where you post your pictures, Twitter is where you post your thoughts, and we are going to make Pyne the place to post your questions and engage with the world,” founder Tony Peccatiello said.

Pyne is currently self-funded. Other polling apps have a business model where the preference data generated is its primary product, but there currently isn’t a clear route to Pyne making money at the moment. There aren’t any ads on the app yet.

There’s no shortage of apps that let you get answers from strangers, but I think Pyne’s the type of app that could find a surprising niche with kids still in high school or college. Pyne stands out is that its entire process is light-hearted and fun. Sure, I don’t think anyone’s getting any truly useful information from Pyne, but I don’t believe that people who use Pyne are looking for real answers — they’re looking for a laugh, or a few minutes of stimulation and interaction.

Pyne is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.