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Bitcasa nixes unlimited storage plan as it upgrades its infrastructure

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Streaming storage startup Bitcasa has removed support for its “infinite drive” storage plan that allowed unlimited storage for $999. The company has also decreased its free storage plan from 20GB to 5GB. Bitcasa described the change in service as part of its storage infrastructure overhaul.

A Reddit user first noticed the change and posted a screenshot of Bitcasa’s updated terms. Users who signed up for an infinite drive now have to choose from either a Premium account ($10 a month or $99 a year for 1,000GB) or Pro account ($99 a month or $999 a year for 10,000GB).

If a person who signed up for an infinite drive used more storage than what the new plan presents, he or she’s going to have to pay for the difference.

In a Bitcasa blog post detailing the change, the company cited low demand as one of the reasons for removing the infinite drive and wrote “only 0.5 percent of our accounts require more than 1TB, and less than 0.1 percent require more than 10TB.” The company also singled out abusers of the plan who didn’t meet the company’s Acceptable Use policy.

From the blog post:

[blockquote person=”Bitcasa” attribution=”Bitcasa”]Also, the reality is while we have tried to make our vision of infinite work, the low demand combined with the growing number of suspected abusers, means that supporting an Infinite plan is not a viable business for us. Our Acceptable Use policy has been a challenge to enforce with our privacy features, as we can only see the amount of of data stored — which for some customers, is at a level that seems impossible for individual usage.[/blockquote]

The updated storage plan comes at a time when Bitcasa has been busy upgrading its storage infrastructure to make it faster to use and more stable and scalable. As part of the upgrade, users will need to download new Bitcasa apps and then migrate their old data to the new platform. They have until November 15, 2014 to do so or they will lose all of their data.

Earlier this summer, Bitcasa said that it is making sure its customers’ data is housed in the regions where they live, which should alleviate concern from users who don’t trust their data being in unfamiliar locations.

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31 Responses to “Bitcasa nixes unlimited storage plan as it upgrades its infrastructure”

  1. Alexandre Pedrosa

    This stupid “company” deleted around 4TB from my data, around 1 year uploading the stuff, and then they say I have 3 weeks to get the stuff back… And try guess, while was getting my stuff, they started send in mostly lowest speed possible, in other words, everything for make your pay US$ 99,00 (one HD 2 TB) for those cheaters.

    If you are an serious consumer / enterprise you should avoid this cheaters.

  2. I have 8TB of data on Bitcasa and have invested in a setup that was based on there promise of infinite storage and like the rest of you will only get a small % of it back in there 3 week extortion plan. It was a brilliant thing while it lasted but when you look at the fucker that’s now CEO that is now in charge it’s no wonder they screwed everyone as its corporate bullshit America at its best.

  3. I have tried to move my files twice, but the process always stops.

    Customer service has been negligent to help, three days without an answer.

    The new drive feels significantly faster than the legacy one (specailly in Europe), but I have 166 GB of data missing, and I have no idea how to check what files failed to transfer, since all folders seem to be there.

  4. dmotschmann

    i was an early adapter and i’m on the unlimited plan for $99 a year, i have over 8TB of data on there servers. i can’t get even half of it in the allowed time. also i’m getting a lot of errors trying to move my data off!! errors about “cant read source drive” or something..
    im going to be forced to pay up to Bitcasa for additional time so i can get my data. this is bad and what is stopping other cloud storage providers from doing the same?? is there some kinda class action suite that can be pushed on them??

  5. The sad truth about this is they are extorting their loyal customers for their data. It’s physically impossible for any of us to get barely a fracture of the data we have stored on their servers. 3 months is complete garbage. Your attitude in this article should be more appalled by the fact that these guys have basically become bullies. Pay up or else.

  6. And even the migration process is not working. When trying I’ve always got an internal server error. Additionally, my account that has been upgraded to 100 GB this June seemed to be downgraded to 10 GB.
    When trying to repeat the process today, there was an email that my migration has been completed. Logging in failed, wrong password (didn’t change that). Resetting password failed, too (my email address is unknown). Bitcasa server seems to be down.

    I am using several cloud services, but bitcasa is a joke. There have been problems from the start. The interface is horrible, I don’t know how many times uploading failed or uploaded files were corrupted. And now this. I hope I can access my data soon. Then I will download it to a portable device, delete my data at bitcasa, delete my account and transfer it to another cloud service. I’m done with Bitcasa.

    • Hate Bitcasa

      The migration has been a total train wreck, and so is Bitcasa. I guess they feel confident that they can easily replace all the customers they will lose over this fiasco.

  7. Agree with all. I am deleting my data (which, to state it charitably, was difficult to access) and moving on. Two years of free money for Bitcasa on an unfulfilled promise.

  8. Get ready for a mass exodus! How on earth does Bitcasa think they can price themselves the same as google drive? I always felt the need to go with a “too big to fail” company like google or Amzn when dealing with my data.. but the unlimited storage (and for me $10/month) plan was great. Without that, and the slap in the face to theyre early adopters like me.. Im already making moves to switch.. So dumb. See ya!

  9. The way Bitcasa handled this was horrible and has pretty much spawned a PR disaster. They could have done this in so many better ways, such as either grandfathering existing accounts WHO DID HAVE more than 1TB, or by giving you a full year at the existing $99 price to move your data. What they chose to do instead is essentially data extortion to many people who have data caps. And as a result they are having to deal with reams of negative PR. What a trainwreck.

  10. This is absolutely UNETHICAL & THIEVERY in business practices. There’s no way I can move 4TB of data in less than THREE weeks to a new provider! They literally want us to switch to a plan that cost TEN TIMES AS MUCH in less than THREE WEEKS?!?! I paid for my year back in March! They need to honour that year that I paid for & allow me to switch for free & then start me on the new monthly plan in March 2015. I think we need to get a class action together & SUE them for unfair business practices! There’s no way I can move 4TB’s of data on comcast anymore considering we only have 300 GB a month allowance & they took our unlimited away!!! This is abhorrent & I will not stand for it!

    • You’re exactly right. I’m in the same boat. I also find it very interesting that most of the press on this is representing Bitcasa’s point of view by rehashing their press release, rather than digging a millimeter deep and thinking about the broken subscription contracts. Bitcasa is the worst. They will go down in flames. What business would trust them, knowing what they did to their customers. Accusing customers of piracy or something is just a smokescreen for their own dishonest business practice. Goodbye Bitcasa.

  11. johnrasta

    Not only good bye Bitcasa but all those who paid 99$ for infinite storage last year (including me) , should get their money back due to deceiving advertising.

    I have spent hours trying to overcome their buggy upload service thinking that they will improve it in the following months etc etc. and now they send us this absurd email telling us

    that we have to pay 10 times more in order to keep the rights they promised to their customers until last moment.

    Its a shame to the cloud industry as well, this move will probably have an impact on all the other players. I will not pay, for the following years, any other cloud company until one

    among them proves that it is solid in what it promises its clients.

    And this will definitely take quite a long time.

    Actions from now on? I do not know, i will definitely contact their support demanding my money back or as someone else said here even a hard disk with my data. I will travel the

    following week and i definitely do not have the time or even the ability to download everything from their servers…

  12. Tamatura

    what a conjob. this was evident from the beginning. It was just a lowball trick to get users signed up. They[and anyone else] could never sustain this. But in the crowded[mediocre?] storage world this was the only way they could ever get any users[and VCs backing this trick show]

    • Greg DeMaderios

      In what way could they “not sustain” this? They stated that they’re changing due to “low demand”. So it’s not as if every user was using “unlimited” storage and they simply couldn’t keep up with costs/storage.

      It’s simply a bullshit excuse to renege on a promise they made to the early adopters. I wouldn’t have a problem with the change in service terms if they’d grandfathered the people in who signed up for their “infinite” plan.

  13. Guys, this is clearly a fraud case for those who paid for infinite service. They took you money promising the unlimited storage for 1 year, never fulfilled the agreement in full and now asking to pay again on a more expensive plan. This is fraud. You should contact their support saying that you do not pay fraudsters and demanding a refund

  14. This is completely unacceptable, if they had no plan for how to support this service then they shouldn’t have come out with it in the first place. Now the users that have supported them the most by helping them debug problems and spread the word about the service are the ones who are required to spend countless hours downloading their content so they can move to a difference service as the company goes back on it’s promises.

    In their original press release they even mention how this service is “forever”:

    For everyone who has been affected by this change, contact Bitcasa support and demand that they keep the service or send you your files on a hard drive so you don’t have to download everything yourself every day for the next 3 weeks.

  15. I got an email that says that Bitcasa will be ending its support of Infinite storage plans. In the email I was told that I have to convert to the new Pro plan, which offers 10TB for $999/yr. That is 10.1 times more than what I payed until now. I do not want to change plan. I am happy with that I’ve got now.

    In the email it says that it is important to pay Bitcasa 10.1 times more for the same service until November 15, 2014 or my account and all files that have not been transferred will be deleted. I payed until 06-13-2015. They have to respect the contract that we have in place, and do the services that I payed for. It is not rights that Bitcasa would delete any of my files before 06-13-2015. If they delete any of my files or do not service me until that date, my lawyer will get in touch with them.

    They can not just ask 10.1 times more for the same service. Maybe they could do that if they offer 10.1 time better service. which they don’t. I think that they can not force me to pay 10.1 times more threatening me that you will delete my files.

  16. I’m one of the unlimited accounts still paying $9.99 a month, or should I say an “abuser”. Glad to see Bitcasa likes to think of it’s early adopters as “abusers”. Even if I could change to some other plan for the same price.. why on Earth would I stick with a service who just stuck a knife in my back when there are plenty of other fish in the sea???