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CNN, Cartoon Network go dark on Dish as another fee dispute unfolds

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Another week, another network blackout in the never-ending fight around carriage fees: Turner Broadcasting removed CNN, Cartoon Network, truTV, TCM and a handful of other networks from Dish late Monday as the two sides failed to reach an agreement about the carriage fees Dish has to pay Turner.

These conflicts are nothing new, and usually end with pay TV providers grudingly agreeing to pay more than they wanted, but [company]Dish[/company] has a unique agenda: The company plans to launch an internet-based TV service and has been acquiring rights to include channels from Disney and others as part of that service, which is likely going to be called Nutv.

Ahead of Nutv’s launch, Dish isn’t afraid to rely on other online services to make a point: On a website dedicated to the blackout, Dish is telling consumers where to get access to [company]Turner[/company] shows on sites like Hulu.

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6 Responses to “CNN, Cartoon Network go dark on Dish as another fee dispute unfolds”

  1. i agree we suffer for the dispute while we miss out on shows we love and inn the end we will get rate hikes as a result out of all this bs because of a few more dollers to line there pockets

  2. Elizabeth

    I hope we will get the “stand alone” option. I find CNN worthless as well as many other channels that I must pay for! I would love to pay for channels I want to watch.

  3. edmundsingleton

    Note to industry insiders; the times are a changing, the stand alone option will be quite expense for the viewers at first but I urge everyone to view it as the future of the industry. Carton lovers liked the unheard of option of a carton channel just a few years ago the industry did not. The next step is to cut the cord, news hounds and carton lovers will be willing to pay to be in a place with like minded people…trust me…

  4. If these jerks can’t figure this crap out I won’t be happy I pay good money for my TV and they act like they’re not rich enough and take mine and my kids favorite channels off air BULL FLIPPN CRAP A holes