Upcoming Gigaom event: Collaborate or die: IoT & automotives


The automotive industry has always had to innovate to remain competitive, yet in today’s hyper-connected world, remaining competitive is hard to do autonomously. Technologically advanced cars have features that incorporate sensors, GPS, video and radar. From night vision and parental control to breathalyzer locking mechanisms, many of the high-tech features are safety-focused. But there is another battle waging, that of the in-car entertainment system.

The challenge for automotive companies is to provide lasting hardware for connecting devices coupled with the best services and experiences in entertainment while simultaneously abating safety concerns. Compatibility across companies or even models has presented a challenge for setting industry standards.

Ford is working to reinvent the industry by creating compatibility standards. Their acquisition of Livio in 2013 and their sharing of their Smart Device API is one step towards adapting the industry to the Internet of Things.

But how likely is collaboration or open source APIs in the automotive industry? And will the industry ever be able to keep up with the Internet of Things?

At Structure Connect we’ll sit down with Don Butler, Executive Director of Connected Vehicle and Services from Ford Motor Company to discuss how Ford continues their legacy of innovation into the Internet of Things.

Register now – we’ll see you this week.

–Clare Ryan, Gigaom

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