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Leaked Apple Pay docs show a digital wallet holding 8 credit cards and close bank integration

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Training materials leaked to 9to5Mac are giving us our first look at what will likely be the final shape of Apple Pay. While the images don’t reveal any surprises, they do show some interesting details about the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus payment system, including the ability to host eight different credit or debit cards in Passpoint and close ties to the banks behind those cards.

Source: 9to5Mac
Source: 9to5Mac

The materials are intended to bring [company]Apple[/company] Store employees up to speed on the payment platforms capabilities, according to 9to5Mac, but Apple also seems to be preparing retail chains for the service as well. Over the weekend MacRumors got hold of a Walgreens memo preparing employees for an Oct. 18 launch of Apple Pay. We’ll likely get more details at Apple’s launch event scheduled for Thursday.

Source: 9to5Mac
Source: 9to5Mac

The training materials show multiple images of Apple Pay-related screens in Passpoint and settings, including a prompt screen to enter new credit cards either directly from your iTunes account or through scanning the card face with the iPhone’s camera — a feature already offered by many smartphone commerce apps. Each credit card also has a detailed drop-down screen, which features its most recent transactions down to the minute, as well as options to contact your bank and download your bank’s app.

2 Responses to “Leaked Apple Pay docs show a digital wallet holding 8 credit cards and close bank integration”

  1. G Yamamura


    Two quick comments:

    1) You twice referred to “Passpoint” as the Apple app that holds the payment data. I assume you meant “Passport”.
    2) The image shows eight items in Passport but only four appear to be debit or credit cards. The other four are: a ticket to a baseball game, an American Airlines ticket, an iTunes gift card (I think), and what appears to be a Walgreens loyalty card. Let’s not forget that Passport is a repository for tickets, passes, loyalty cards and just about anything else that we might stuff in our physical wallet or hold on our keychain.