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Live blog: Tesla’s “D” is a dual-motor Model S with all-wheel drive

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Later this evening, I’ll be reporting live from the airport in Hawthorne, Calif, where electric car company Tesla will unveil what CEO Elon Musk has been teasing as “the D” as well as “something else” mysterious that will be shown off. Yes, it’s all very cryptic, “Elon Musk-style,” but we’ll very shortly bring you the details of exactly what Tesla plans to reveal at this event.

There’s been a lot of speculation that the “D” will stand for a new version of the Model S, including possibilities of a dual-engine version, an all-wheel-drive version, or even a dual motor version. There could also be some autonomous driving features showed off on the Model S, as Musk said at Vanity Fair’s tech conference on Wednesday that “One of the things is already there, and people just don’t realize it.”

If it is something like AWD, I’ll try not to be too disappointed. If they show off something more unexpected, like an early version of the Model 3, then that will be pretty killer.

Doors open at 7pm (PST), but the unveiling will likely start closer to 8pm. When I attended the Model X unveiling back in early 2012, the event was at least an hour behind the published schedule. Check back in around 7 to 730 for some on-the-ground commentary and hopefully an on-time event shortly after.


20 Responses to “Live blog: Tesla’s “D” is a dual-motor Model S with all-wheel drive”

  1. Ad van der Meer

    In other news: Kimbal Musk opens a food kitchen in Munich feeling sorry for BMW execs having their lunch money stolen by his brother. #BMWM5killer

  2. But here’s the thing, how does the autopilot feature work? Sensors of coarse, but you can fall asleep and still arrive safely? I wish I was there in person to find out how that works

  3. Adam Non

    Hmmm. The Monk says “insane” is 3.2 seconds zero to sixty … but the Corvette Z06 is 2.9 seconds … in two wheel drive … what does that make the Z06, berserk?

    • mardy 930

      3.2 is a conservative number…when motor trend and road and track test it I bet it will be more like 2.8……and remember this is a 7 passenger 4 door sedan
      You would expect this kind of performance from top end sports car

  4. Adam Non

    Given the “cocoon” and “don’t fall asleep” I assume the car is now driving itself in the lane and changing lanes and distance-keeping (adaptive cruise) but it’s not fully autonomous (navigation) which is fine by me.

    • Adam Non

      I see what you did there …
      So long as you’re not a hipster trying to earn points living in the San Francisco Bay Area, the bimmer diesel is a 40 mpg win with cult resale value.
      “Gen 1” Tesla S drivers all just stared up at the night sky and saw their resale value go up in a puff of “certified pre-owned” devaluation …
      Personally, I wonder what else Tesla has to say or do to position the P85D with the X … I have deposits for both and I question the overlap for anyone that can’t justify two electric AWD all-rounder vehicles. I certainly can — my wife and I drive separate commutes with two children, plus ski trips, dogs, and sometimes we want everyone in one car with all the “stuff” … so we have a diesel Mercedes GL 350 Bluetec, but with the new supercharger in Truckee, we could use the X instead … but how many people are in a situation where the P85D isn’t a better choice than the X?

      • There are plenty of people who do not care about AWD, especially when it adds to the cost. Just like many people opted for the S85 instead of the P85. I doubt the resale values dropped all that much.

    • Adam Non

      Kind of feeble to rush whatever embargo they were presumably meant to honor for the event, but hopefully we see more here and there’s still some missing details, pricing, logistics, actual features and functionality details.

  5. Adam Non

    Another site already leaked the announcements. : |
    Still, I’m curious to follow along with the live blog … one central question: adaptive cruise.

    Also, why time the P85D awd till _after_ winter and the 2WD in December?