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26 million iTunes users have downloaded U2’s free album. But how many deleted it again?

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26 million users of Apple’s iTunes software have downloaded U2’s free album Songs of Innocence in its entirety since the rock band released for free it at Apple’s iPhone 6 press event in September, according to a Billboard report. An additional 55 million users “experienced” at least parts of the album, which could include downloading individual songs or listening to them via iTunes Radio or Beats Music.

Billboard got these new data points straight from [company]Apple[/company] VP [person]Eddy Cue[/person], who put them in context by saying that before the release of Songs of Innocence, U2’s music had been bought by a total of 13 million users ever since the iTunes store opened in 2003.

Of course, not all of U2’s new audience has since become fans: Apple angered many of its users due to the fact that the album auto-downloaded to iPhones of unsuspecting users.

The company eventually released a special tool to allow iTunes users to permanently delete Songs of Innocence from their music library — something that isn’t really possible for any other purchased music. No word from Cue, however, on how many users ended up deleting the album again.

5 Responses to “26 million iTunes users have downloaded U2’s free album. But how many deleted it again?”

  1. Raechel Rossoffer

    Eddie Cue, unfortunately, cannot be trusted to be accurate with info like this for U2.
    He has become somewhat of an alleged public SHILL for big corps like LiveNation, Artist Nation, Interscope…because they are the U2 ‘owners” who have the band under contract which the band is obligated to recoup. Interscope is basically Jimmy Iovine who now is an employee of Apple, and Cue is beholden to Apple. So these supposed dowload figures just feel lousy and STINK. Remember at the big Apple event, Cue made a fool of himself and contradicted himself at least three times. So why should we belive he is credible with ‘reporting’ these sales/download figures on behalf of all the people who own U2 and who own Apple. It was the biggest promotional/marketing fiasco in the history of music biz, more negative media coverage worldwide than anything anyone has ever seen. Now they’re trying to do damage control. Nobody is buying this COVERUP for all the big mistakes, misfires and miscalulations made by U2’s hand holder management, and promoter LiveNation. At the Apple event, Cue was bragging about Apply Pay that “we don’t want your data, we don’t want your information”. Then he went on to explain how Apple Pay actually WORKS..UH, WHAT WAS THAT AGAIN? Oh yeah, they ‘COLLECT each consumers credit card # and personal info and personal data” (ahhhh! what a joker/liar or both)…then he says Apple ‘encrypts it’ so it’s coded and you don’t have to use that info to make purchases.
    Such a joke, c’mon people, wake up to the big media con job, courtesy of flanks of high powered publicist and PR firms hired by Apple, LiveNation, U2, Interscope, Iovine. Only goal is to put a shiny new gloss on this unmitaged disaster with launch of U2 new album on apple devices. To finally put Eddie Cue’s name attached to these figures does even more damage. The more he talks and tries to cover for all his co-horts and ‘colleagues’ who spent $100M and more, then had that lousy cd rejected by fans and apple users, well…They’re in a hole so deep, they pushed Eddie to the microphone to announce this. The numbers coiuld be anything, it’s all manipulated and manufactured. Figures just pulled out of the air, then they say “as first reported on or re-code” the latter associated with LiveNation and U2’s camp via various lawyers. They’re scamming the media and making fools of everyone even printing or reading the story. Over+Out Bono. Souled Out. Bought and sold, cash + carry just like politicians you protested against. The vampires and vultures of music biz have penetrated Apple. And it’s not pretty. But for a self confessed ‘groupie’ like Eddie Cue (LOL), he’s in awe of IOvine and Dre and that Irish band, so Apple paid thru the nose like suckers. It’s a field day for the music biz ghouls from Hollywood who now navigate thruout Apple however they want, make what ever deals, and get puppets like Eddie Cue (personal opinion) to step up and attach his name to supposed phoney figures and claims to make the u2 marketing/cd launch seem even partly successful. Again, no credibility. It still stinks.

  2. Joe Belkin

    That’s like asking – how often do you listen to EVERY ALBUM/CD you’ve ever bought? What does it matter? It’s not personal usage incurs additional costs.

    Basically, this can be added to the site – MIDDLE CLASS PROBLEMS. The gas cap on my 500 series Mercedes is so hard to open … my alcapa sweater is just sienna, not burnt sienna, what a ripoff and NOW – Apple downloaded a free album in my itunes!

    The HORROR.