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A 5-minute charge for this portable battery can fully recharge an iPhone 5

Portable batteries for charging mobile devices are great. Until they run out of a charge too. Then it’s usually hours of plugged-in time to fill the power pack back up. Not so with the Pronto: A portable battery charger that can ingest enough juice in just five minutes to completely recharge a dead iPhone 5.

pronto iphone charges

Pronto is a Kickstarter project, which comes with the usual caveats: You’re backing an effort, not an actual device so consider wisely before funding it. But the idea of a fast-charging portable battery has already taken off because the project met its funding goal in only five hours. With 29 days to go, the Pronto project has raised $93,707, which nearly double its $50,000 goal.

So how does it work? The Pronto — available in two sizes and capacities — can handle a full 25 Watts while plugged in, so it charges very quickly. Both models can be fully recharged in one hour.

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That means in 60 minutes, you can carry an additional 4,500 or 13,500 mAh of power for your phone or tablets. The USB output of the Pronto can supply a 2.4 Amp current so it can even charge the new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus faster than the standard Apple phone charger.

The smaller capacity Pronto 5 will retail for $99 but early birds can back one for as little as $69. The larger Pronto 12, which includes a pair of USB ports and a 12V jack for charging larger devices, is expected to cost $149 on the market; a $30 discount is available to early backers.

4 Responses to “A 5-minute charge for this portable battery can fully recharge an iPhone 5”

  1. Charging an iPhone 9 times seems like it is based on iPhone 5. 13500 / 1500 = 9. This battery can probably only charge an iPhone 6 “about” 5 times 13500 / 2500 = 5.4 Seems a little misleading with the larger batteries now being used.

  2. Dmitri Zaitsev

    Sounds too good to be true. The whole lengthy kickstarter description has 1 single sentence about technical details. Which are extremely vague: “custom electirc circuit”, “our dedicated charger”. So many similar campaigns ended in flops.

    • It doesn’t charge the iPhone in 5 mins, it puts enough charge into it’s internal battery in 5 mins to charge an iPhone. The actual phone charging will be at the usual rate, limited by the phone’s charge circuit.

      They say it’s a lithium-polymer battery, but I don’t know how they are charging it at a monster rate without cooking it – an intermediate capacitor maybe?