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Viacom blocks Suddenlink subscribers from streaming Daily Show, Colbert and other shows

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Viacom has done it again: The cable programmer is blocking subscribers of Suddenlink from accessing its shows online as part of a contractual dispute with Suddenlink. The online blackout came in response to Suddenlink dropping Viacom’s channels from its cable lineup Wednesday after the two parties couldn’t agree on fees for a renewed carriage deal.

[company]Viacom[/company] is frequently using catch-up videos on its websites as a bargaining chip in these kinds of disputes with pay TV operators; in 2012, it took down large parts of its online video library to prevent DirecTV customers from getting a peek at shows unavailable to them on TV while DirecTV and Viacom were feuding over fees. And earlier this year, it Viacom blocked Cable One customers from accessing its shows online.

Cable operators have in the past argued that these kinds of blackouts violate net neutrality, and [company]Suddenlink[/company] made the same argument in a message to subscribers, according to Multichannel News. Websites blocking access to a subset of visitors may not meet the traditional definition of net neutrality, but there is some argument about fairness to be made — after all, the blackout also affects users that only rely on Suddenlink for their internet access, but get their TV service elsewhere.


6 Responses to “Viacom blocks Suddenlink subscribers from streaming Daily Show, Colbert and other shows”

  1. I’v been doing okay without Viacom. We were Sudden Link internet customers before adding cable tv in June. Like many others, I was furious about the issue (I was a DirecTV customer in ’12 when the same thing happened…took Viacom’s side because I detested DirecTV…and took Viacom’s side in the beginning of this issue). Then I went to And read their “news” section. Smear campaign much?

  2. John Willkie

    “GigaOm is at it again.” Making invalid conclusions based on misunderstanding facts. This Viacom doesn’t block Suddenlink subscribers from viewing CC clips online, unless ALL those subscribers don’t have — wait for it — any other way to access the Internet. It just blocks them from viewing CC content when using their Suddenlink accounts.

    What percentage of Suddenlink customers own smart phones and tablets with data plans? I can guarantee the number is greater than zero. Aren’t you guys among the idiots reporting on the “high” number of people using smartphones and tablets to view “long form” video?

    • Ummm, I am one of those Suddenlink Internet customers with Directv for my tv programming and I’m being blocked from apps that I sign into using my directv account because I have Suddenlink Internet. Some of us don’t have huge data plans on our smartphones…