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Twitter will reportedly unveil its own app development platform

The Information is reporting that [company] Twitter [/company] will introduce its own app development platform — called Twitter Fabric — at its developer conference October 22. Through the service, app developers will apparently be able to verify user logins based on phone numbers, run analytics to test their apps and earn ad money through Twitter’s MoPub network. In exchange, Twitter will be able to gather crucial information for ad targeting and grow the app supply side of its MoPub user base. Twitter is supposedly in talks with ESPN and Target, among others, for early partnerships.

One Response to “Twitter will reportedly unveil its own app development platform”

  1. Yeah because everyone will be running to develop apps on the Twitter platform – which Twitter will then take over and tell you stop and give you crap about issuing API keys after it all becomes popular and builds their network up.
    Fool us once and shame on you Twitter. Fool us twice and…