Verizon builds bridge from (and to) Amazon’s cloud

Verizon, which is promoting its own new enterprise-class cloud, is now adding connectivity to Amazon Web Services via its Secure Cloud Interconnect service. Up until now, SCI connected Verizon Cloud with Microsoft Azure.

It’s easy to see what [company]Verizon[/company] gets here — a way for customers to move data securely from (and presumably to) [company]Amazon[/company], the world’s largest public cloud. And, presumably, this addition also gives Amazon a bit more of a federated cloud story, although I haven’t seen AWS promoting the move.

Per the Verizon statement, SCI enables customers:

 … to easily manage a multi-cloud environment that allows for dynamic bandwidth allocation, application performance throughput, quality of service and usage-based billing.With SCI, Verizon is removing many of the barriers that often affect enterprise cloud adoption, including scalability, control and flexibility.

Amazon offers AWS Direct Connect  to give end-user customers a private pipe from their data centers or server rooms to AWS, but this SCI Gateway news could indicate more flexibility from Amazon about interacting with third-party clouds in a sort of federation.. AWS, which pioneered public cloud and pretty much had the market to itself for years, now faces[company] Google[/company] and [company]Microsoft[/company], two huge and well-funded competitors. It might behoove it to make its own alliances to offer more of a hybrid option, especially since enterprise customers seem to want that deployment model.

Note: This story was updated to reflect that this could facilitate more of an acceptance of federated — not hybrid — cloud by AWS.