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You can charge your iPhone 6 faster by using your iPad charger

If you use your iPad’s power brick to charge your iPhone 6, its battery will fill up faster. This unadvertised yet supremely handy feature was first spotted by MacRumors and iLounge and can be confirmed through a Mac’s built-in System Information app.

Although the newest iPhones still come with the same familiar small white power brick rated for 1 ampere and 5 watts, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus can take advantage of the 2.1A and 12W charger included with the iPad Air to charge more quickly. It doesn’t just work with [company]Apple[/company]-branded chargers, either: Any 2.1A charger can provide an extra bit of current to the latest iPhones, including high-wattage USB ports on newer laptops.

A 2.1A charger should be able to fill up an iPhone 6 battery up to 90 percent in about two hours. As other smartphone makers like Motorola tout faster charging as a differentiating feature, it’s odd that Apple wouldn’t update its included power bricks or tell consumers that this feature exists.

You’ve always been able to use an iPad charger with the iPhone, but the iPhone’s hardware used to only draw as much current as it could handle (which is 1A for the iPhone 5S and before.) Some battery experts warn that more amperage  — “quick charging” — could reduce battery lifespan, although that matters less if you replace your phone every few years.

Image via José Fonseca, Flickr Creative Commons

6 Responses to “You can charge your iPhone 6 faster by using your iPad charger”

  1. You could do a supercharge in a few minutes if you make an USB adapter for your car battery charger and place the phone in the freezer during the charge.. Even faster – put 1N4007 in series with 120 VAC. Recommended if you change phones every few days.
    Really, these days when everybody has a sh*tload of electronics in their pockets they are all experts. Ask someone who knows wtf he’s doing – or at least a kid with high school physics…

  2. Or you can get a $5.99 Mediabridge USB Charging Adapter to help you charge your iOS equipment significantly faster than if you used any of the normal methods to charge your Apple device.

    (per some text in the link)

    Many if not most USB chargers these days deviate from the USB charging standard so they can be compatible with apple products. When you charge an android phone with these chargers and a standard micro USB cable, it causes a wakelock in many android phones which prevents it from entering deep sleep, once the phone is unplugged, and the phone will lose as much as an additional 10% battery per hour until you plug it into a USB standard charger or reboot the phone. I wonder how many people blame their phones for poor battery life when their real problem is using an apple-compatible charger?

    Another problem is using an apple-compatible charger limits all phones and devices (except for those from apple) to a maximum of 500ma charging current, even if it could take 1200ma or more, which means it charges much slower. Of course, this is also a function of the charger – a cable cannot boost a charger only capable of producing 500ma to output more current. But it will allow chargers of sufficiently high power to provide the maximum current the phone or tablet wants.