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Social TV pioneer Miso is shutting down next month

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Pioneering social TV service Miso will shut down on October 23, according to an email sent to Miso users. The shut-down comes roughly 18 months after Miso’s assets had been acquired by Dijit, the company behind, which itself was subsequently acquired by Viggle. Miso’s users were encouraged in the good-bye email sent out this weekend to join Viggle’s service, which offers rewards for TV check-ins. However, not everyone was happy about this offer — some of Miso’s users from countries other than the U.S. have been complaining on Twitter that the Viggle app isn’t available in their market. This story was corrected at 5:25pm. An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Miso would shut down this week.

4 Responses to “Social TV pioneer Miso is shutting down next month”

  1. lisa cortese

    I am so upset about this. I use Miso as a tool to keep track of everything I have watched, down to the episode and how many times i’ve watched it. It’s really helpful when you watch many shows at once to remember where you may have left off. I am so upset. I would even pay to use this service. I also use Viggle, but it’s TOTALLY different! You can’t “check in” to a movie on Viggle in a movie theater. You can’t have your phone out. Sometimes I wonder why companies mess with a good thing.

    • Adrika Kónya

      yeah, agreed, i was just watching some of my Tv shows and i wantet to check in but this viggle shit came up :/ now … how can i keep track of movies/tv show episodes ive seen or not? why do they have to change something good?:/