New Skype for iOS 8 uses extensions for answering calls from the iPhone lock screen


Credit: Skype

Once you upgrade to the latest Microsoft-owned Skype client for iOS 8, you’ll be able to answer incoming voice or video calls much faster. The newest Skype version takes advantage of extensions in Apple’s mobile software, allowing Skype notifications to appear right on the lock screen of an iPhone. These are actionable notifications — both on the lock screen and though the regular drop-down notification method — so one tap picks up the call. The updated Skype client is available for free in the iTunes App Store.



This is not the case. If your iphone is passcode or finger print locked, you have to unlock your phone first before you are able to answer the call. The first swipe to answer the call just takes you to your passcode screen and then the ringer sound stops. If you manage to unlock your phone in time, you will then hear the ringer sound again and can answer the call. But often by this time, the caller has already hung up!! I’m using iphone 5s iOS 8 with latest Skype for iOS 8.


Can you tell me what the right settings need to be in order to answer calls to skype number on an iphone on i0s8

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