6 Responses to “Take back your log-in: It’s time to move away from Facebook Connect and toward OpenID”

  1. But what about identity, particularly when it comes to building a community where users need some level of trust between them? Facebook and LinkedIn seem to be the best at that. The others are often about hiding identity.

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    As for me, when I submit comments on any publication’s website, I look for Disqus (which I have registered with using my OpenID) or straight out OpenID. Totally worth it when they want authentication and identification. It also helps tie my ID back to my WordPress blog. So it has a second knock-on effect if people want to find out more about my other writings. OpenID works and it works well, and failing that Disqus works equally well for me. No need to reinvent any wheels when it comes to logins, authentications, etc.

  3. I feel that no matter what entity is controlling the signing in of users, this aggregate data has the high probability of misuse.

    Yes, remove Facebook’s ability to track this info, but sell it to them under the table. I mean, trust is lacking on the Internet and this feeling is not reserved just for Facebook or Google.

    This article smells or an anti-Facebook campaign to scare users away from Facebook Connect and into to so-called loving and caring arms of OpenID. Who is monitoring how OpenID is managing, tracking, storing, or abusing all this user data?

    Open does not mean trustworthy.