Asana updates to iOS 8, and makes my life easier

Asana has released an upgrade to the task management company’s iOS client, using  some of the new features of iOS 8 in an obvious and well-thought through way.

When you open Asana after the update you are greeted with a ‘See What’s New’ card, which was informative, but the UI is so straightforward it isn’t needed.

Behind the card you can see that the landing screen shows new tasks:


The list of projects is a clean and direct organization.


Clicking brings you to a project context. I like the way the section names are rendered, although it’s quite different from the web experience. I wonder if the web client is going to be updated to reflect this new look?


I added Asana to the share ‘activities’ on Safari so that I can create tasks based on URLs.



Creating tasks from web pages is something I do all the time. Too bad there is no share in Gmail on iOS 8, because creating tasks from email is another thing I do all the time. This might lead me to reading email on my iPhone and iPad in Safari, since that works:


The new layout of tasks leaves a great deal of room to show task metadata and comments. This one has little of that, since I had just created it.


A real shift in UX, taking advantage of the new functionality of iOS 8. I wonder if developers like Asana will be trying to exploit Continuity, so that if I created this on my iPad, and approached my Mac, would I be able to finish the description of the task on the Mac? We’ll see once Yosemite’s official release occurs in a few weeks.