How to configure and use widgets in iOS 8


Credit: Kevin C. Tofel

My old iPhone 5s is already better thanks to iOS 8. Apple launched the new software for the iPhone 4s and up on Wednesday — although you may want to hold off on upgrading for several reasons — and I quickly installed it because has several great features I used during the beta period.

As many [company]Google[/company] Android users know, widgets can be incredibly useful. [company]Apple[/company] added widget support in iOS 8, but it does have that Apple twist to it: Unlike on Android devices, you can’t put widgets on home screens. Instead, they appear in the drop-down Notification screen which is always just a swipe away. How do you get them there? It’s actually pretty easy.

First, you’ll need an app that’s been updated for iOS 8 and supports widgets. That sounds obvious but it’s going to take developers time to make their changes; some may even decide not to support widgets. Yahoo Weather actually meets both criteria, and it became the de-facto weather app on my iPhone a long time ago. I got the updated app on my iPhone 5s and went to my Notifications screen in iOS where there’s an Edit button at the bottom.

ios 8 widgets

Tap it and you can rearrange, hide or add any iOS 8 compatible widgets. In my case, I simply added Yahoo Weather by tapping the green plus button. I then dragged Weather higher in my list of notifications. That’s it.

Now, whenever I want to see weather information, a quick swipe down provides it. And tapping a widget opens up its associated application, so in my case, a quick tap on Weather opens the full Yahoo Weather app.

yahoo weather widget in notifications

No, the widgets aren’t quite like Android due to Apple’s control and implementation, but they’re a definite step forward for iOS, and I’m looking forward to seeing what other third-party apps bring to the Notification Center on my iPhone.



Weather disappeared for me too when I went to 8. The only thing I can add is the stocks widget. Frustratingly, it says “weather information provided by weather channel” at the bottom but there’s no weather information!


Having widgets on the home screen has been something I’ve missed since moving from Android to my iPhone. When I learned that ios8 would support widgets, I was very pleased. However, only being able to access them in the notifications screen and having very little ability to customize them makes them useless to me. Very poor execution, Apple.


I have a weather channel widget but whenever I slide it down I get the weather in Fahrenheit. What can I do to change that?

Mo Hezwani

What if you have the apps but they dont appear on the list to include. at the moment, I am only getting the stocks app to add. Thanks


Mine doesn’t show weather it shows stocks. With the plus sign beside it in the edit menu. What happened to my weather?!

Brian Pex

it some areas yes – in other areas no. I switched over from Android and the user experience is smoother and less glitch prone. Lollipop is an example. Bad roll out as many phones are having major troubles. The best of both worlds lies somewhere in the middle. The iOS integration with apps like reminders, calendar and other things is still best with Apple. I can drive down road, yell out “hey Siri remind me to get that box when I get to my mothers house.” Hands free and very useful, when I pull into my moms a reminder pops on screen. For people like me who are busy and need rock solid performance with GPS, iOS is the way to go. The GPS on many android apps gets stuck for some reason. Not bashing. Just stating a fact.

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