“OK, Google, take that!”: Microsoft puts OneNote dictation on Android Wear watches


Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft’s strategy to support non-Windows devices is on a roll. Early on Tuesday, the company announced a Bluetooth keyboard that works with Windows, iOS and Android; now it’s following up with a OneNote app for Google Android Wear smartwatches.

Future of OneNote

The new OneNote for Android Wear is free in the Google Play store and works with any of the currently available Android Wear watches. You’ll also need a phone running Android 4.3 or better, but that’s actually a [company]Google[/company] Android Wear requirement anyway.

Once installed on your watch, you simply say “OK, Google. Take a note” to launch the [company]Microsoft[company] OneNote app on your wrist. The Android Wear watch will dictate whatever you next say and save the transcription to the OneNote phone app, which in turn is synchronized to all of the devices you have OneNote installed.

Android Wear watches can already take dictated notes, but without a note-taking app installed, they’re just saved to your Gmail account. You can add third-party apps to save and sync the notes — Google Keep is a good example — so this is Microsoft’s way to get Android Wear users more invested in its OneNote app.


Kevin Darty

Doesn’t Android Wear already have full support for “Google Now” thus enabling users to create Notes and Reminders within Google Keep or other Apps today? It is good to see Microsoft supporting the platform though. Seems they are learning from Google as Google fully supports their competition, iOS.

Kevin C. Tofel

Yes it does, provided you have Google Keep or those other apps installed. This is just another choice of which default app you want to use with the “take a note” function.

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