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How to get faster answers to your searches in Google Chrome for Android

If there’s one thing that’s consistent about Google, it’s that the company is always looking to reduce the time it takes between searching for information and getting that information. That’s the purpose of an experimental feature in Google’s Chrome browser for Android that Android Police noted: Once you turn the feature on, you’ll start seeing answers to your search questions even faster.

The trick is to enable the “Answers in Suggest” flag. To do this simply type chrome://flags in the address bar of Chrome on your [company]Google[/company] Android device. Here you’ll find a list of various features in the works. Scroll down until you see “Answers in Suggest” and enable it. Once that’s done, you’ll begin to see answers to basic questions right in the Omnibar just like this:

google chrome answers

Of course, this isn’t the only or fastest way to seek out the capital of Maryland. The freely available Google Now Launcher adds support for the spoken “OK Google” command; using it you could simply speak your question and get a fast response. But for times when a voice query isn’t ideal — the movie theater or late at night in bed — typing your query and seeing results as you type might be a better option.

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