After downloading the U2 album to your phone, Apple now helps you to delete it


Credit: Tom Krazit/Gigaom

Apple has reversed course on its U2 promotion by adding an opt-out option that will remove the U2 album Songs of Innocence from a user’s iTunes library. The option, which was first spotted by Re/code, comes after countless iTunes complained about the promotion, increasingly turning it into a PR debacle for Apple.

at its iPhone 6 press event

The problem with this approach was that many iPhone users have elected to automatically download any of their music purchases to their device, which led to the U2 album showing up on their phones without any warning or explanation. Not only had many people not heard about the promotion, but some weren’t even sure who U2 was.

Further complicating the issue was that iTunes users can delete songs from their device, but not remove them from their library. Apple fixed this Monday by allowing users to delete Songs of Innocence permanently from a user’s library through a dedicated opt-out page. Of course, it might have made a whole lot more sense to make Songs of Innocence opt-in to begin with.


Charles Nichols

If it was optional, then Tim couldn’t have claimed it as “the largest album release of all time”.

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