For Paul and Gigaom, a new chapter


After seven years of admirably leading Gigaom, Paul Walborsky, our chief executive officer, has decided that it is time for him to seek new horizons. It is a bittersweet day for me — Paul has been a friend longer than he has been our CEO. I am happy for him as an individual — for I made a similar decision myself this year — but I am also saddened that he will be leaving our company.

Paul was my best friend’s college roommate. I met him when he was just out of business school and he was busy selling emerging market bonds. He was bilingual in two languages I understand best — struggle and hustle. We become friends and he started a SaaS company, before the internet bubble; the grandpa version, mind you.

In 2007, when he was looking for a new mountain to climb, it seemed natural that we should work together. A few months later, when I suffered a medical setback, the board, led by myself, felt it prudent that we hire a new CEO — and again Paul was our natural choice. Since that day he has led the company from the front, working tirelessly and with enthusiasm.

The board of directors (that includes me plus all our investors) are working with our senior executive team to ensure a smooth transition. The board is working with a professional search firm to find our next chief executive.

Our team of over 75 people work tirelessly to create the content that respects our readers, organize events that foretell the future and publish research that can help companies make better business decisions about their future. On behalf of those very people, I want to thank Paul for his efforts, hard work and friendship. Paul will have my eternal gratitude.

And thank you to Liann, Maya and Ellie for sharing the most important man in your life with me and rest of Gigaom.


Cormac Foster

We’ll miss you! Hope we can still catch your karaoke magic at the after-shows!

Gershon Diner

Good luck Paul and I wish GigaOm best of success, as you are really a unique company out there.

Alison Rubino

Thank you Paul for all your leadership and coaching as you’ve truly been a fearless leader for everyone at Gigaom! You will be dearly missed but never forgotten as you’ve left a permanent imprint on the fabric of our business philosophies, company culture and work ethics. Best of luck at your next company :)


Thank you for your inspiration, drive and passion. It has been contagious to everyone at Gigaom. You will be missed.

Surj Patel

“Really? I mean, *REALLY* Surj?” with head lilted and an uncontainable grin was Paul’s reaction to many of may ideas. I knew at that moment that the idea might fly with him if I kept pushing it :-)

Working with Paul was an experience I will never forget. One of the most hard driving, fair, funny and caring leaders he pushed GigaOM on a growth curve that was staggering. He took a small blog and turned it into a tech media powerhouse. I learned alot from him, he shared his rather influential network with me and I am very grateful for it.

I am even more grateful for the friendship and camaraderie that Paul provided at GigaOM and since I left.

I really want to hear what you do next Paul, as I know you will do something spectacular. I hope you get a break first and spend some time with the family.

Congratulations and Kudos on the achievements at GigaOM. It would never have got as far as it did without your leadership.

asanka de mel

Thanks Paul for your leadership and guidance in growing Gigaom. Wishing you the very best in your new adventures!

Racquel Reyes

I’m very sad to see him leave but I wish Paul all the best. I know he will be on to create another great company.

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