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HBO is bringing HBO Go to legacy set-top boxes in Europe

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It’s not quite the unbundling many HBO fans have been hoping for, but HBO Go is taking some first steps to bring its HBO Go service to a bigger audience in Europe: The cable network is using cloud virtualization technology from ActiveVideo to bring its online service to legacy set-top boxes in 14 European regions, according to Broadband TV News. The same tech has been used by YouTube to bring its service onto older set-top boxes in Europe, and both services could theoretically use the same approach in the U.S. as well.

One Response to “HBO is bringing HBO Go to legacy set-top boxes in Europe”

  1. My brother decided to sign up for HBO today on Time Warner Cable. He didn’t believe me that he couldn’t just sign up and start watching. Six hours later, all he has is an email that says they’ll look into his request in the next 24 hours. Because, you know, adding a premium channel is an extremely time consuming process. It’s not like every other digital entertainment product not controlled by a cable company starts working immediately or something…