Cosmos Browser uses SMS to provide web access without Wi-Fi or mobile broadband


In regions without mobile broadband, or where it’s still too expensive to have a data plan, other ways to connect to the web are always welcome. Say hello to Cosmos Browser, which provides web access using SMS so that you can view web pages without using Wi-Fi or even a lowly 2G network. Using Cosmos on Android, you enter a web address which is sent to back-end servers through a text message. The servers strip out CSS and JavaScript from the content at that URL, compress the information and sends it back via SMS. The host app then decompresses the site info and renders the HTML. Clever!



ya may be if its costly even it will be the best alternative way in case urgency, when there is signals issues and we have important work.

Rajesh Hemdev

This seems good only where the net connectivity is pathetic/non-existent. Elsewhere, considering the amount of data that SMS’s can transmit, I can’t think of any place where SMS is cheaper than a data plan.

Vishakha Patel

Nice trick I must say…

Their purpose is to provide internet in areas where internet is not still not a cheaper internet. :) :P

Will this create junk SMSes in phone inbox? I guess yes.


Wow! sounds as a good solution but SMS price might be an issue unless these guys comes with their own SMS plan

Aruna Sree

sending SMS and accessing web data is more costly than mobile data isn’t it????

Kaarthik Hariharan

Gr8 devolper… india mobile data plan costs arae very high…


But how many SMS required for to load just Google page? if its one then its still too costly compared to available ways.

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