Reddo says it can make Windows desktop apps mobile

It’s great that most software vendors now profess a mobile-first strategy. The problem is that many companies still rely on existing Windows applications — written for the desktop — to run their businesses. Making those applications suitable for use on tablets and smartphones is the sticky problem that Reddo Mobility, a spin-out of Gizmox announced Wednesday, promises to attack.

[company]Gizmox[/company] offers HTML5 tools for developers. [company]Reddo Mobility[/company] incorporated some of that IP into software that companies can use to “mobilize” those desktop apps without coding. Non-coders can bring apps down from the servers, break down the components and adapt them for use on smaller form factor devices. The target apps can be custom-built or commercial applications (although not the Windows Office productivity suite). Users can add swipe and tap capabilities to screens originally designed to work with keyboards and mice, for example. Other screens may not need alterations.

Right now, if companies want to bring their desktop apps to other devices, they either have to rewrite the app completely — a time, cost and resource sink — or they can do a “screen scrape,” à la [company]Citrix[/company], and push the results down to the device. That’s problematic, said new Reddo CEO John Vigeant (a Citrix veteran who was most recently CEO of [company]Tracelytics[/company]), because the resulting app won’t support swipe and doesn’t look right.

Gizmox closed $7.5 million in funding in April 2013 from backers including [company]Atlas Ventures[/company], [company]IVC[/company], [company]Consolidated Investment Group[/company] and, yes, Citrix, bringing total funding till that date to $18 million.

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