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It looks as if Microsoft will stop using the “Nokia” name entirely

Microsoft has always had trouble communicating clear product names for its consumer brands, but when it makes a branding decision, it usually sticks to it. The latest naming shift is Microsoft will stop using the “Windows Phone” name as well as the “Nokia” brand for its mobile handsets, according to an internal document obtained by GeeksOnGadgets and confirmed by Tom Warren at the Verge.

It’s not surprising that [company]Microsoft[/company] would stop using the Nokia moniker — it only purchased the handset division from the Finnish company, which, by the way, is still using the Nokia name. Instead, Microsoft will use the Lumia brand to describe its hardware business.

Microsoft dropping the “Phone” from Windows is also not a surprise. Microsoft started to use the “Windows Phone” name back in 2010 to clearly delineate its then-new touchscreen-oriented operating system from Windows Mobile, which was a popular smartphone platform pre-iPhone. But as evidence continues to mount that Microsoft plans to combine Windows RT and Windows Phone into one version as soon as next year, it’s the right time to start de-emphasizing the “phone.”

As CEO Satya Nadella continues to mold Microsoft into his image, there’s still the question of whether the device business fits into Microsoft’s new cloud-oriented outlook. The best bet for Windows Phone success still seems to be making cheap smartphones for developing markets — and unfortunately for Microsoft, customers in those markets likely already know the Nokia brand but have no idea what a Lumia is.

7 Responses to “It looks as if Microsoft will stop using the “Nokia” name entirely”

  1. I read that MS had a limited amount of time to use the Nokia brand name as a term of the sale. If they wanted the name too they would have had to pay more. And even though “Lumia” isn’t as well known as “Nokia,” it’s not like “Microsoft” is an unknown brand anywhere, and a little marketing can go a long way towards making sure people know the MS/Lumia names.

  2. My guess is, it was part of the deal. Microsoft is not allowed to use Nokia as the brand name since it didn’t buy the entire company. Nokia is big in Europe so it might take a bad hit by changing the name..

  3. In “Windows Phone” the problem is the Windows part not the Phone part.
    Dropping Nokia is a bad idea and it will hurt but hard to say how much.
    WP in the last couple of years sold only on the Nokia brand. If you look in what markets WP has more relevant share,it’s exactly where the Nokia brand was still strong. And that’s what they are giving up,their best asset. It’s too early, they should go for a gradual transition. But not sure they actually want to sell devices anymore, given their latest launches, they might be aiming to “suicide” that part of the business (or they are just incredibly clueless and misguided – the results would be the same ).

    As a side note , really hope their watch will be nothing like the existing garbage and arriving soon. Not many players left to show us their hand and so far everybody is just bluffing.

  4. Sathish Rao

    If their primary goal is to succeed in Developing Markets, they should continue using ‘Nokia’ as the brand name. For instance, only the techie community in India recognizes ‘Lumia’.