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Gigaom Research survey: Tell us your thoughts on the Apple Watch

Yesterday, Apple introduced the Apple Watch. And though it won’t ship until next year, it’s already ruling the headlines. Gigaom Research wants to know your initial impressions of this new device and your thoughts on its potential impact on smartwatches and wearables in general.

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6 Responses to “Gigaom Research survey: Tell us your thoughts on the Apple Watch”

  1. Josef Papug

    Well, it is extremely banal and ugly design. It is rectangular blob without character, which looks like that old electronic watches in 70s, 80s or early Androids from Asia – which were a passing disasters.
    Have in mind, that most of the pictures with watch and arm are misleading. Normal state of the watch is black empty screen. The decorative face one can see only when watching directly after special gesture or by actvely swiching it on. So, in reality this watch (and e.g. Moto 360 also) do not look like jewerly for a casual watcher. It looks like a death electronic watch.

    As for the concept. I am really happy to got rid of hand watch at all. As a early user of Palms, Pocket PCs and later iPhones and now Androids, I feel free of these cumbersome contraptions on my hand for last 15 years. It is inpropable to burden myself again (bulk, itching, daily winding/loading) for really questionable features – which never compensaite lack of big screen phablet in my instant disposal (big iPhone is the right move for Apple).

  2. Neill Currie

    So, wait till spring to buy it, or even to pre-order it, then you’d better be aware that Apple will probably launch v2 about 6 months after that.
    Obsolescence cycles are becoming shorter and shorter !
    BTW, I don’t see the watch doing that much more than your phone, certainly not that much more that’s “useful”, why not just look at your phone, is that really so onerous?
    I do like the aesthetics and hardware/software engineering, however ultimately futile. All that said, I am sure it’ll sell millions……..what a paradox.

  3. Mick Guinn

    I think it’s going to be a huge hit eventually, if not sooner. Wearable technology is definitely happening already, but it’s still awkward and early. We won’t really know till consumers are out in the field with it, but I think Apple has probably done it right. And version 2 will be even better as polls from the field will tell them what is working and what is not.

    I think that people really will adopt and love a well-done smart watch. It was actually Ian Kennedy (GigaOm dood), that had me purchasing the FitBit and I was amazed at how it transformed my awareness of movement. Apple’s watch will do so much more that.

    Is it perfect? I dunno. But it’s probably better than anything else out there by far and it totally integrates with my iPhone, iPad and Mac life. If that’s not sealing the ecosystem even tighter, I’m not sure what is.

    But we don’t really know until “early 2015,” which could be “May,” by Apple’s dictionary.

    Dare I say, “Time will tell?”

  4. The watch does not offer any real utility besides what a smartphone offers, which we carry with us anyway. Had it come packed with health/fitness related sensors, it would be a true differentiator. I also find the hardware design unappealing. On the software side, it follows the very un-apple like approach of including everything but the sink. Who wants to check emails and view the photo albums on a tiny watch screen? The sea of tiny round app icons is confusing. It just shows lack of purpose and focus for the new product category. What kind of new problems is the watch attempting to solve? Why do we need it?

    Did I also mention that I find the design (including the crown) unsophisticated and clumsy? It took years for this? And all that hiring of new talent and all these takeovers for this? To send silly little drawings to our imbecile friends?

    Is Steve’s company dead?

  5. You can’t start from “not a big deal” since some are less.
    The crown is a stupid idea on a watch, it’s worse. than not a big deal. The looks are horrible, it’s a big negative not neutral or better and so on.
    You obviously like it for w/e reason and that leads to options that you don’t agree with being excluded.