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Video ads are coming to Spotify

Spotify just found another way to monetize the 30 million users of its free tier: The music service launched video ads across its mobile and desktop apps Monday, giving brands a way to insert either 15 or 30 second-long clips into its music stream. Advertisers who opt to pay more can also buy what the company calls a “sponsored session,” which gives users 30 minutes of uninterrupted listening if they watch an ad.

One Response to “Video ads are coming to Spotify”

  1. Slavon Smartmil

    I think since usually a youtube link would be linked to a song, this move is just a way to try to get people to sign up for spotify and facebook by extension(Spotify requires a facebook account for all new accounts).

    The facebook requirement is a complete turn off for me, and I don’t like how services like spotify(I don’t know exactly since spotify doesn’t allow me to use it or rdio force the whole social aspect by requiring you use your name and broadcasting every song you listen out. I feel I should have say on when and what should be shared with others.