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This is what Microsoft’s screen sharing adapter actually looks like

Turns out it’s not a stick, after all: Microsoft’s Nokia subsidiary officially unveiled its answer to Chromecast Thursday, and it looks a little like a small hockey puck. The device, called Microsoft Screen Sharing For Lumia Phones – HD-10 of all things, uses Miracast to share a phone’s screen, and actually works with any Miracast-capable device, counter to what that name suggests. News about the device first popped up online two weeks ago.

microsoft miracast adapter HD-101

However, there’s a twist for Lumia phones: Microsoft’s screen sharing adapter also supports NFC, so you’ll only have to tap your phone against its screen sharing disc to launch into screen sharing mode. The adapter will go on sale later this month, and cost $79 in the U.S. as well as €79 in Europe.

8 Responses to “This is what Microsoft’s screen sharing adapter actually looks like”

  1. Chromecast does tab mirroring quite well, it works with plex media server, and all with only a 150mbps antenna. Why do we need miracast then, gaming is the only reason I can think of but you cant do that with your phone.

  2. So Microsoft continues its descent into becoming a full-time Xerox machine — if they do it, we’ll do it too. Where’s the innovation? Where’s the excitement of something unique and creative? Why in the world would I want a $79 Miracast device when my Lumia can already Chromecast to my $35 Chromecast device… without having to tap on the Goddamn thing?!

    I like Chromecasting very much right now, from my kitchen or my couch or across the room… no tapping necessary. I don’t want another damned device sitting near my TV or on the table, with wires sticking out of it. I want less clutter, not more!