Race to the bottom quickens with the $119 Toshiba Encore Mini Windows tablet


Credit: Toshiba

Microsoft won’t be able to blame high prices if it doesn’t pick up some share of tablet sales over the coming months. Thanks to its no-cost Windows 8.1 with Bing licensing scheme, we’re starting to see aggressively priced slates arriving on the market. The latest is the $119 Toshiba Encore Mini.

Toshiba Encore Mini landscape
could be a $99 device on retail shelves, Toshiba told PC World

At this price, you have to keep your expectations in check, of course: No matter how much [company]Microsoft[/company] discounts Windows, there’s still the matter of hardware to be had. So some corners are cut compared to higher-priced, more capable tablets.

For example, the 7-inch display is only 1024 x 600 resolution and it’s not an IPS screen, meaning viewing angles will be compromised. While there’s a quad-core [company]Intel[/company] Atom chip inside, you’ll have to make do with Windows running on just 1 GB of memory with a 16 GB flash drive for storage (you can expand the storage with a microSD card). And although the Encore Mini has a pair of cameras, that rear sensor is a scant 2 megapixel model.

Still, it’s impressive that a Microsoft hardware partner can bring the power of Windows 8.1 to the masses in a tablet priced around $100. Buyers could see this as a solid competitor to similarly priced or even slightly more expensive [company]Google[/company] Android tablets, particularly because of additional incentives such as 1 terabyte of free OneDrive storage and an included one-year subscription to Microsoft Office 365.




Let’s just hope it doesn’t use it’s only USB port for power too like the Dell VENUE Pro 8 does or that if it does that it comes with an adapter that lets you power it and use USB at the same time.


it’s nice to have options at many different price points. This is what’s most important. They are still improving the app store, but looks wise the Windows screen looks more attractive than the android counterparts. A good price and a new look might be enough to get a nice chunk of the holiday sales. However, at these prices profits must be slim.


Its amazing how you twist words to make Windows everything always sound so negative… unbiased journalism at its best..

Kevin C. Tofel

Hmmm…. I didn’t say a bad thing about Windows software in this post. And I think it’s a good thing that Microsoft’s hardware partners are finding a way to be price competitive.


Still a long ways from the bottom, as the bottom for a seven inch android tablet is $37….the price of who knows what (with similar specs running 4.2) from Frys. Given the option of spending $100 on an Android Tablet or $300 on an iPad mini, even my nine year old knows best how to spend his own money.

For those that don’t…it’s the iPad.

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