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Like the Galaxy S5, Samsung’s new devices get PayPal fingerprint authentication

PayPal’s mobile wallet app is expanding its support for Samsung’s latest devices. The company first added biometric security in April with Samsung’s Galaxy S5, Gear 2 and Gear Fit and now that Samsung has a newer range of devices, they too will work with PayPal’s mobile payment app. Earlier on Wednesday, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note 4 with improved fingerprint scanner which will support PayPal’s app. Samsung’s Gear S smartwatch will as well. I’d expect PayPal to bring its app to more devices outside of Samsung’s galaxy in the coming months: It already has a beta app for Android Wear devices available, for example. By this time next week, we’ll know if Apple plans to enter the mobile wallet game to do battle with PayPal, Google Wallet and other similar solutions.

3 Responses to “Like the Galaxy S5, Samsung’s new devices get PayPal fingerprint authentication”

  1. The only use for fingerprinting identification in my opinion would be to easily identify anyone in possession of your cell phone if it’s ever stolen, or not returned when found so it can at least have a saved image of the prints of the last person holding it.

  2. Fingerprints should never be used for authentication, they should only be used for identification. In other words, if you run a website, you can type in your name (ie your identity) or you can scan your fingerprint and it will locate your name for you. You still have to type your password. Fingerprints are easily faked, and not secure. Would you trust a password that you happen to write down on every single surface you touch in the world? I sure wouldn’t.