Acer’s affordable 8-inch tablets give you a choice between Windows and Android

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Acer announced a trio of new affordable tablets at IFA on Wednesday, but looking at the hardware, you’d think they’d only launched two. It’s because Acer launched both an 8-inch tablet running Windows 8.1 and an 8-inch tablet with Android, and both devices are running on the same hardware.

The $150 Iconia One 8, which comes with [company]Google[/company] Android 4.4 pre-installed, is packing a quad-core [company]Intel[/company] Atom Z3735G processor powering an 8-inch 1280 x 800 display. The Iconia Tab 8 W, also expected to retail for $150, has the same hardware configuration, but is running Windows 8.1. The only exterior difference is that the One Tab 8 will come in a variety of colors. It’s an interesting approach to reusing hardware, and we’ve been seeing other companies toy with similar ideas, such as the HTC One M8 which can run either Windows Phone or Android.



The sub-$200 tablet market is heating up, with several companies releasing competitively priced devices for the holiday season and some Windows tablets retailing for as low as $120. As more Android tablets utilize Intel processors, the gap between Windows and Android hardware continues to shrink. If Acer’s approach to reusing hardware for multiple operating systems is successful, expect to see more devices coming in both a [company]Microsoft[/company] Windows and an Android version next year.


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