Soon you’ll be able to use a Chromebook as an Android ADB server for phone mods


While most Android phone users simply use the handset based on the software it comes with, there are a number of folks — including me — that modify the phone. By modify, I mean change the actual version of Android manually instead of waiting for a handset maker to send updates. To do this, you need certain commands and apps included with the Android SDK, with one of the most used programs called ADB, or Android Debug Bridge.

There’s a server piece to ADB which generally requires a Windows, Mac or Linux computer to send the commands to your Android phone over a USB cable. Now, there’s an ADB server for Chrome OS thanks to Koushik Dutta: Koush has ADB working on a Chromebook, although it’s only compatible with the Google Nexus 5 for now.

On this week’s podcast we discuss how useful this can be as well as new virtual desktop options for Chrome OS and the latest apps compatible with a Chromecast. Download the show here or tune in below to listen to the Chrome Show.
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