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Samsung’s Gear S is the first third-party smartwatch to get Nike+

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The Samsung Gear S was only announced earlier this week and it’s already compiling a nice library of apps. Samsung announced on Friday that a Nike+ Running app will be preloaded on the Samsung Gear S when it goes on sale this October.


The Gear S comes with a curved 2-inch screen that will be used by the Nike+ app for giving feedback while running or displaying NikeFuel stats. An audio player will also be built in, so you can set your run to music with Bluetooth headphones — perhaps Samsung’s Gear Circle wireless headphones, which were announced at the same time as the Gear S.

The main claim to fame for the Tizen-based Gear S is that it comes with a 3G connection, so it doesn’t need to be paired to a smartphone at all times, unlike Android Wear. The fact that the Gear S will come with a robust running app pre-installed is bad news for the Timex Ironman GPS One, an expensive running-focused smartwatch based on Qualcomm technology that also comes with a cellular connection but lacks Samsung’s ecosystem clout.

Because it’s a pain to carry around a big phone when you go out for a quick run, run tracking could end up being one of the best ways to use a smartwatch with 3G connectivity. It’s an example of a user experience that’s well suited for the wrist, not a phone.

The Timex Ironman GPS One

Nike laid off most of the wearable hardware team responsible for the Fuelband earlier this year, saying that it instead planned to focus on Nike+ software for multiple platforms. It’s kept that promise, releasing a Nike+ app for Android earlier this summer, although there is no Android Wear support yet. Still, I would expect to see Nike+ integration featured when Apple announces its wearable wristband as early as September 9.

Samsung’s Tizen-based smartwatches were among the first to market, but they face an uphill battle competing with [company]Google[/company] and eventually [company]Apple[/company] for people’s hearts and wrists. If Samsung wanted to keep its Tizen smartwatches competitive, this is exactly the way to do it: Quality apps that Android Wear doesn’t have yet.

2 Responses to “Samsung’s Gear S is the first third-party smartwatch to get Nike+”

  1. Honestly the 3G is just ruining this device. As it is watches are way overpriced and this one adds a bigger screen wifi, 3G , UV sensor so how much do you think it will be if the Gear Live was 200$? Maybe they go for 300$ or they might be crazy enough to go even higher
    Not very sure how the 3G is provided,would be one thing if it’s free but if you have to pay for it,it all gets so much worse.
    As for it having a connection being a benefit for fitness, is it really? The data can be stored and synced later with the phone, not much benefit to broadcast the data live. and it remains to be seen how much of an impact the extra connectivity has on battery life.
    So i guess the point is that the device won’t sell well and won’t really help Nike either.
    As for Samsung’s strategy ,they never got close to what they needed,
    The hardware is poor from form factor to parts used and features. The marketing is super poor, they needed more core features to highlight and push heavily not just fitness/health and notifications like everybody else. Gaining features/functionality later doesn’t have that kind of impact.
    And the pricing is ridiculous.
    Getting most of it right is not that hard and pricing that product at 100-150$ (preferably not more than 120$) would be plenty reasonable too. That’s what is needed to get to up to 10 million units per quarter but nobody is anywhere near that product. And ofc that’s without considering some must have health sensor that would lead to a few times higher sales.
    Right now nobody seems to be putting the time and money needed for a decent device and they also get greedy (how about the round LG at 300euros in Germany, you can buy a Shield Tablet for that cash or a high end Chinese phone).
    Oh well, maybe Apple will do better ,they certainly won’t use smartphone parts and most likely won’t rush it to market (although they did that with the fingerprint sensor last year and Maps before that under Cook). They seem likely to add RC/home automation as a core feature and one can only hope, payments too.So they would go from 2 core features others pushed to 4. Apple might be one of the greediest companies on Earth but they will go with their normal high margins not insane margins like the Android guys so pricing should be surprisingly decent ,ofc unless they got some unexpected crazy and costly sensors.
    Or maybe they’ll make something as poor as all the other devices and then we’ll have to wait some more for this segment to take off.

  2. Eamon Walsh

    Wearable technology market is heating up … and fast. Given the speculation that iPhone 6 and iWatch are going to be Apple’s foray into the market largely dominated by Samsung, this might be the biggest year for smart watch and technologies. Nike would obv be keeping an eye out for all business potential for the platforms. It’d be a good test of whether these device, so full of personal information, can withstand the increasing specter of internet threats (more as well.