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Plastic-bodied HTC One E8 officially lands on Sprint for $100 with contract

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If you’d like a fast phone that’s unapologetically plastic, you could do a lot worse than the HTC One E8, which Sprint officially announced on Friday. It will cost $100 with a 2-year contract or $500 on its own, and functionally it’s close to a carbon copy of the well-liked HTC One M8, but with a plastic body, a downgraded camera, and it lacks 802.11ac Wi-Fi support. But if you’re in the right market, the E8 can tap into Sprint’s speedy tri-band Spark network.

One Response to “Plastic-bodied HTC One E8 officially lands on Sprint for $100 with contract”

  1. Eamon Walsh

    This is hardly surprising. Samsung’s pre-eminence in the lightweight but performance intensive market for handheld devices has definitely put the onus on iphone and HTC models to improvise or adapt. And cost may just have settled that battle. not so sure about downgraded camera though.