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Upcoming Gigaom event: Negotiating an exit after your seed round is crowdfunded

You exceeded your crowdfunding goal and are set to move forward with your new product. You have the starter capital to produce your nifty IoT product and the initial built-in clientele. But what happens when the funding runs out and a second round of investment is needed? How do you handle investors who invested equity before the crowdfunding? And as the business piques the interest of buyers, how do you consider an exit?

When entrepreneurs start down the path of crowdfunding on sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the next phase or exit is rarely top of mind.

We sit down with two experienced perspectives of what to consider once the seed round is crowdfunded:

  • The VC – Rachel Chalmers, Principal of Ignition Partners
  • The Crowdfunding Platform – Kate Drane, Design, Technology and Hardware Lead, Indiegogo

Come hear these innovators and more at this year’s Structure Connect in San Francisco.

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