Ahead of the iPhone 6’s launch, T-Mobile discounts the 5s and 5c

T-Mobile began knocking $48 to $50 off the price tags of the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c on Wednesday. The timing of this sale is probably not a coincidence, given Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone 6 on Sept. 9 for its fall launch.

The discounts apply to iPhones paid for up front or over a 24-month installment plan, which means a 16 GB iPhone 5s will cost you $600 and the 32 GB version will cost $800 no matter how quickly you pay for it. The iPhone 5c price varies from $500 to $600 depending on whether you get the 16 GB or 32 GB version.

Traditionally carriers and other iPhone resellers start discounting their older inventory when Apple releases its newest version of the iconic device, but T-Mobile appears to be getting a jump on the competition — or perhaps has a lot more iPhone 5s and 5c inventory than most.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere kicking off the iPhone and T-Mobile's Un-carrier strategy last year
T-Mobile CEO John Legere kicking off the iPhone and T-Mobile’s Un-carrier strategy last year

TmoNews obtained leaked T-Mobile documents on Tuesday indicating that the carrier would be cutting prices on iPhones across the board at its retail stores. The discounts appeared on T-Mobile’s website overnight, but only the 5c and 5s were available for purchase. Discounts on older generation iPhones may soon be available at its stores though.

It’s been a busy week for T-Mobile as it prepares to enter the U.S. mobile industry’s busiest season of the year. It started out the week with an offer to quadruple data on its barebones smartphone plan. On Tuesday it revealed plans to start matching customers smartphone data buckets on their tablet for $10 a month, and it expanded the number of lines supported on its family plans from 5 to 10.

T-Mobile also announced on Wednesday that its new Music Freedom program – which allows unlimited free streaming of popular music and audio apps – will support a bunch of new services, including Google Play, this fall.