LG teases the G3 Stylus: A mid-range note-taking handset


Credit: LG

LG will introduce the G3 Stylus at next week’s IFA show in Berlin. In a press release teaser on Tuesday, the company said the Stylus “offers a large display and many of the premium user experience (UX) features of the G3 all in a fairly priced package.” The phone may borrow some features from the premium G3, but you’d never confuse the upcoming model with a flagship handset.

LG G3 Stylus front

The 5.5-inch screen on the G3 Stylus, for example, is is the same sizes as you’ll find on the G3. The display is only qHD resolution, or just 960 x 540. Compared to the 2560 by 1440 screen on the G3, that’s a noticeable downgrade. So are the rest of the specs. Look for the G3 Stylus to run on a 1.3 GHz quad core processor, have 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage and run on 3G networks. The new model does provide a 13 megapixel rear camera and 1.3 megapixel front sensor, plus a removable 3,000 mAh battery.

Of course, the device comes with a digital pen, as its name implies. [company]LG[/company] doesn’t specify which apps can take advantage of the included stylus, saying only that the pen is “perfect for effortless jotting, doodling and sketching with precision.”

Clearly, this [company]Google[/company] Android phone won’t be priced like the flagship G3 it resembles. It can’t be if LG wants to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Note, which is typically filled with the latest and greatest components; Samsung is expected to debut the Galaxy Note 4 at the same IFA event next week. Based on the hardware as well as the launch markets — Brazil first, then Asia, the Middle East and CIS regions — it appears LG is making a value play in the “phablet” market to see if there’s room for a lower-priced competitor to the Galaxy Note.



720p is mid-range, less is low end and even more so once quad A53 shows up.
And you forget about the Note 3 Neo with 720p and 2xA15+4xA7 SoC that is also far above this one.


oh to hell with it, time for a rant.
You guys , and everybody else for that matter, need to expand your horizon because the US mobile market is a weird and isolated bubble and it has very little to do with the global market at this point.

Take the last 24 hours for example, there were a bunch of exciting news in mobile but almost nobody reported any of them.

Huawei 3c Play (or Lite unsure what is the actual name) with 5 inch 720p , quad A7 , 8 Mp[ cam and so on for 97 in China. Tht’s pretty good even at China kind of pricing.
Xiaomi announced the Redmi 1S in India at 99$, that’s even less than their China pricing and it’s awesome for 4.7 inch ,quad A7 .1GB RAM , 8GB NAND , 8 MP cam and so on in India. better specs than Moto G but half the price.
IUNI U3 launched , by far the cheapest 1440p phone at 325$ in China.and with proper high end specs.
And then there is a leak about the Celkon Nova One , a super low end Android phone in India that is supposed to compete with Firefox phones by being priced at 38$.

Any of these news are far more relevant than this LG news for both the industry and even US consumers.
The old guard phone makers are about to get hit hard at a global level by the new guard. Covering just LG , Samsung , HTC and the likes it’s becoming increasingly irrelevant.
Last year it was when the tide started to be significant but now it’s kicking into high gear and shouldn’t be ignored anymore.
The US market is maybe 12% of the smartphone market this year (hard to find actual numbers) and is very dry because of carriers monopoly so it’s not like in PC where the US managed to stay the center of it all.. The picture is a lot different in mobile and the press needs to adapt if it wants to understand it.

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