Gigaom site news: Introducing Alerts, an easy way to get the stories you care about

You are a busy person. You jealously guard your time and you hate distractions. But you know that you are what you read, and that you can’t navigate an ever-changing world without a little help.

We have something for you.

Please meet Gigaom Alerts. We’ve been testing this out for a few weeks now (it’s still a beta-stage thing, to be very clear) and we want to invite folks to help us really put it through the paces. Gigaom Alerts allows you to tell us which stories and topics you need the most, and have freshly published blog posts and Gigaom Research reports delivered right into your inbox.

Here’s how it works: Take this post from Derrick Harris. Note that there are three tags surfaced at the top of the page. If you click on the first one, “artificial intelligence,” you’ll wind up on our search site. There you’ll be invited to “Create an alert” for that topic, and you can set that alert to update you weekly, daily, and in real-time with an email when we publish a blog post or research report on that topic.

Gigaom Alerts example pic

You can also set up alerts by typing your greatest interest, like “internet of things” (if you’re getting ready for Structure Connect), into the search box in the upper right hand corner of our home page or any post page and selecting the tag that appears. Note this also works for companies and people, not just tech topics.

If I have failed in explaining this clearly, please consider the FAQs our product folks have set up on both our Alerts system and our Search pages in general.

Thanks for reading Gigaom. We hope this makes it a little easier to get the information you trust, and please leave us a comment if you have any questions or feedback.