Motorola reported to launch Skip 2.0, a Bluetooth key fob that unlocks your phone

When Motorola launched the Moto X a year ago, it also debuted the Skip, a small NFC clip used to unlock the phone. Skip 2.0 is likely to debut at Motorola’s September 4 press event, and this time it will use Bluetooth.

The new Skip won’t be a clip, either. Instead, it’s more likely a key fob, according to Droid Life, which published detailed information about the device on Monday.

Moto Skip 2

The fob will have a replaceable coin-style battery and, like last year’s sticker, will keep your phone unlocked when nearby. Think of Skip as a trusted device for a [company]Motorola[/company] phone: When the fob moves out of Bluetooth range from the phone — or vice versa — your phone will securely lock and require a PIN to be used.

According to the documentation, you’ll also be able to track the fob’s location or make it beep in case you lose your keys. And it works in reverse if you can’t find your phone. There’s a button on the Skip 2.0 that can sound your phone ringer to help you locate it.

Last year’s Skip was offered free with the Moto X for a limited time and for $20 after that; it now costs $10. I could see Motorola doing the free promotion again but I don’t see the Skip 2.0 costing less than last year’s model since it has more functionality.