Android this week: Possible Nexus 9 certified; Moto X+1 pics; Asus teases Android Wear


Unless you count the 2013 refresh of the Nexus 7 tablet, it’s been a while since Google has debuted a new slate. That’s expected to change when the company launches Android L, the next major version of the mobile software. This time around, it appears HTC is tapped to build the slate, which many expect is the Nexus 9.

Nexus 7

Droid Life noticed that an [company]HTC[/company] tablet was certified for both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands by the Wi-Fi Alliance this week. The certification doesn’t provide any other hardware specifics but does mention Android L and clearly states the certified device is a tablet. Three different SKUs, or product identifiers, suggest a trio of variants; likely due to differences in storage capacity. Little else is known about the reported device, however, this is probably the best public evidence yet that HTC is getting back in the Android tablet game.

@evleaks provided images showing what the phone will probably look like Moto X+1 eveaks

I’ve been very satisfied with my Moto X, having used it for more than a year now. But I’ll have to get a Moto X+1 in hand before deciding to upgrade because one of the most appealing aspects of last year’s phone is the comfortable size. My hope is that a Moto X+1 with larger, higher resolution display doesn’t add too much girth to the handset.

One day prior to Motorola’s press event will see Asus enter the smartwatch market. The company teased a shadowy image of what appears to be a watch and [company]Asus[/company] is an Android Wear partner. My hope is that there’s some unique aspect to what Asus debuts as the Android Wear market is quickly getting crowded with very similar products; the round Moto 360 being an exception.



I’m more interested in the Nexus 6 and when that’s going to be released

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