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SpaceX rocket explodes during failed test

A SpaceX F9R rocket exploded during a test over Texas today after an anomaly was detected. The rocket’s software automatically blew up the ship, preventing it from leaving the test area. “Today’s test was particularly complex, pushing the limits of the vehicle further than any previous test,” a SpaceX statement read. “As is our practice, the company will be reviewing the flight record details to learn more about the performance of the vehicle prior to our next test.”

5 Responses to “SpaceX rocket explodes during failed test”

  1. John Selden

    Your headline is a bit sensationalist, maybe? It makes it sound like the rocket exploded as a result of a catastrophic failure, when the detonation was actually a deliberate, built-in safety measure.

    • JenniferDawn

      “SpaceX rocket explodes during failed test” is sensationalist? Seems grammatically correct, to me.

      Perhaps you should return to your Malt-O-Meal, grandpa….

      • You can be both grammatically correct and sensationalist. And you can both be a grandpa and eat Malt-O-Meal and still make a reasoned argument.

        I also felt the title was a bit misleading since it left the impression that the explosion was due to a system failure, rather than resulting from a safety feature.