Here’s what the Moto X+1 will probably look like

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Moto X+1 eveaks

As a farewell gift on his trip to retirement, noted tipster @evleaks has one more leak left to share: The Moto X+1 for Verizon. The images match up with earlier rumors and whispers of a larger Motorola handset, very likely with a higher resolution screen than the 720p display found on last year’s Moto X. Aside from the overall size bump, the speaker grilles are larger and there appear to be two of them, suggesting the possibility of stereo front-facing speakers. In keeping with what helped make the Moto X a popular phone, the successor model looks to be running a mainly stock, skin-less version of Android.

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Vin L.

Any idea where this thing is going to come in, price-wise (unsubsidized, I mean)? I need a new phone and can’t wait until October for the Nexus 6, so I think it’s between the X+1 and the Nexus 5 (assuming there’s a price drop soon on the Nexus 5). I would consider the OnePlus One, but they’re impossible to get, so forget that.

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