Recharge a phone with Charge Ninja, a $29 credit card–sized battery

Charge Ninja Key

There’s no lack of portable batteries on the market that can recharge a handset. Most focus on having enough capacity to fully charge your phone at least once, however, which can make for a bulky device: It’s often the case that the more power capacity, the bigger the battery. That’s why the Charge Ninja, a $29 portable battery, caught my eye. It’s the size of a credit card and only weighs 30 grams, so it’s easy to take anywhere.

Charge Ninja

Charge Ninja is a new Indiegogo project looking to raise $21,000 by October 8. I like the price as well as the size because $29 is far less expensive than most competing products. The project was smart to keep the device small as well: Aside from the 7-millimeter thickness to fit a full-sized USB port, most of the Charge Ninja is only 5 millimeters thick, about the size of five credit cards stacked on top of each other.


Because the Charge Ninja is small, it can only charge an Apple iPhone 5s, for example, from zero to 85 percent due to the 1500 mAh battery capacity. Unless you plan to be away from an outlet for multiple days, that’s likely plenty of juice for most people.

Included in the $29 pledge is a charging key: A keychain that opens up to become a USB-to-micro USB cable. iPhone owners can add another $10 to their backing for a USB-to-Lightning charging key. That additional cost is due to Apple’s Made for iPhone licensing fees.

Charge Ninja sync

One other bit I like about this device: The Charge Ninja will prioritize charging to a connected phone before it recharges itself. That means you can daisy-chain a phone to the portable battery and recharge both from a computer: This configuration will top off your phone and then the Charge Ninja. For $29 in a choice of black, white or blue, count me in.


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