Apple job postings hint at a possible VoLTE surprise for iPhone 6


Apple has already said the iPhone 6 will support calls over Wi-Fi, but what about voice over LTE? No, the company hasn’t mentioned that, but there’s an outside chance the feature will be added to the next iPhone: Apple has posted job openings for engineers with VoLTE experience.


Light Reading’s Dan Jones spotted several related job postings and speculated on an iPhone 6 surprise. The company is looking for experience with VoLTE, IP Multimedia Subsystems and the Session Initiation Protocol — all of which add up to future voice support over fast data networks. [company]Apple[/company] is also seeking people to help with Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband (AMD-WB), a codec used in the VoLTE standard.

If you’re looking for VoLTE support at the launch of the iPhone 6, the timing of this development isn’t ideal: Apple is expected to hold, but hasn’t yet announced, a press event on September 9 to unveil the iPhone 6. If the company is just now seeking VoLTE engineers, it would be nearly impossible to debut native voice over mobile broadband support on a new phone.

However, as Fierce Wireless notes, [company]Verizon[/company] has said it will debut VoLTE service in the fourth quarter of this year. Other carriers also have timelines to switch voice services over to data networks: [company]AT&T[/company] has done so in a few select markets with a single phone model, for example, and [company]T-Mobile[/company] also offers the service.

It’s possible, then, that Apple could add the feature through a software update for some of its carrier partners. There shouldn’t be any special hardware required for VoLTE, especially if the iPhone can hand calls off from cellular to Wi-Fi; the concept is similar. Next month is surely too soon, but if Apple finds and hires the right expertise, the iPhone 6 could be one software update away from sending voice over LTE data networks. And once that happens, watch for new apps that bring different over-the-top services from the ones available now built on traditional cellular networks and Wi-Fi.


Slavon Smartmil

This seems like a garden-variety bankruptcy agreement, if Apple’s loans to build the sapphire furnaces were secured against them, which would be obvious.

However, it would not preclude a shareholder lawsuit against the company and/or its management for destroying their existing business by contracting to produce a risky unproven technology in large quantities. Apple seems to have done nothing wrong here, but this was a public company, apparently done in by the risks they took to do a deal with Apple; those risks and those terms are going to come out.

Unless Apple wants to buy the whole thing for halfway between zero and the pre-iPhone 6 stock price, internally reorganize it and then spin off/sell off the profitable pieces, eating the ensuing loss and keeping its terms secret.


I’m puzzled. I already use Skype over wi-fi on android. What would VoLTE add?

Michael W. Perry

It’d be great to use an iPhone as a cell phone with one number and a voice-over phone with another. I’ve go a long-used number from the other end of the country I’d like to keep alive without the bother of an VOIP device.


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It would be a nice addition. Typically they’re not the first to add a technology before it matures, but this isn’t too far fetched given that it’s fairly easy for them to implement it and will lead to some improvements for users.

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