VMware buys CloudVolumes to deliver apps in real time

VMware's Sanjay Poonen

In another bit of pre-VMworld 2014 news, VMware is buying CloudVolumes a small company dedicated to real-time application delivery in virtualized environments. That specialization, in theory, makes it a nice fit for the VMware Horizon desktop virtualization product. CloudVolumes will be part of VMware’s end-user computing unit, headed up by SVP Sanjay Poonen (pictured above). In a blog post explaining the move Kit Colbert, CTO of the group, wrote:

Delivering desktop applications to users, especially in Windows environments, can be challenging and cumbersome.  The installation paradigm for adding and removing applications from a system is heavyweight and fragile.  Problems at runtime can easily crop up – such as incompatibilities or conflicts with existing apps – that can interfere with successful application delivery.  Preventing these problems often results in complex workarounds, either through scripting or manual intervention.  We need a better way, and CloudVolumes provides it.

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. VMware will kick off VMworld 2014 in San Francisco on Monday.

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